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Coin Operated Kids Hitting Game Machine

1. Lovely lottery machine design and wonderful music attract kids; 2. It makes players feel fun and enjoyable; 3.Can improve the thinking response, but also can get the corresponding gift; 4. Hot and saleable in the world market; 5. It's suitable for rental shop, supermarket, amusement park and other business purpose.

Coin Operated Kids Hitting Game Machine 


In the specified time to take the corresponding button to prevent the 5 holes out of the crocodile close to the fence, each close to one, the game will increase errors Times, each error will reduce the game time.
Crocodile sub large and small three species, to stop a big crocodile need to shoot 7 score of 35, medium crocodile scored under the score of 25, small crocodile beat 1 under the 5
5, after the end of the game can get the corresponding grade, a lottery machine, toy (100 large toy) showcase can put 24
A big toy.
Single player can also be two games together, you can exercise the child's reaction ability to increase parent-child relationship.



Coin Operated Kids Hitting Game Machine 

TypeLittle Drum King

Penguin Don't Run

Golden Pair 17inch 

Happy Hitting 17inch

MOQ 1 Set
Voltage 220V
Weight 50kg
Warranty 12 months warranty and life time technology support



Place of originGuangzhou, China
Player1-2  players
How To Play

1.Insert coins or swipe the card
2.Choose songs with left and right key,start game with middle key
3.Each  key corresponds to a drum in the game,when animals arrival drum,press that key.

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