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EPARK Bright Colors Shooting Arcade Machines

9S le bar car amusement rides Features : Happy car is came out from swing chair, added free driving direction, colorful material, cheerful LED lights and sound effect, hottest outdoor play items in China. Controller: Remote Control and Hand Control Drive Direction: Forward, backward, right, left...

EPARK Bright Colors Shooting Arcade Machines


1. Electronic coin acceptors
2. Reliable mechanism
3. Real music
4. Special design inspired by children' s psychology and intrest. 
5. New style, beautiful color ,unfading and firm .
6. Professional technical and easy to operate.
7. Comfortable and safe for kids

8. Suit for Game centre, Amusement park, other Entertainment certre.


Product name
EPARK Bright Colors Shooting Arcade Machines
1 set
12 months warranty and life time technology support
Place of origin
Guangzhou, China
2 players
How to playForest: The scene of forest is lake, you can pass game after defeat Q version of the little monsters and BOSS then break box.
Towns: The scene of the town is in the city’s street, after the defeat zombies and BOSS on the street then break box will be able to pass
Graveyard: The scene of the graveyard is in the dark graveyard, defeat the zombie that come from graveyard and BOSS and break box will able to pass the game.
Cave: The scene is in the waste cave ,after defeat the flying Elf and BOSS then break box will able to pass.
Enter game: Press the"front- button" that on the gun enter into main interface,then select the scene ,move the gun sight to the scene that you want to play ,then “pull the trigger” to start the game.
1. The game has three modes, capsule mode, the lottery ticket mode,, back bead patterns.
2.Insert coins, press the "front-end button" that on the gun enter into the main interface to select the games.
2. Lottery ticket and capsule mode are pass mode, scores reached ,gifts given.

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