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Happy Toy Game Machine Hitting Game Machine

9S le bar car amusement rides Features : Happy car is came out from swing chair, added free driving direction, colorful material, cheerful LED lights and sound effect, hottest outdoor play items in China. Controller: Remote Control and Hand Control Drive Direction: Forward, backward, right, left...

Happy toy game machine hitting game machine


1. The use of optical sensor technology, with lottery function.
2. Warm, pleasant game scene, cute, Funny cartoon image design.
3. Multiplayer, very suitable for young people friends, couples, parent-child activities of the game.
4. Support for single and multiplayer games, a total of 8 scenes, each scene has 60S.90S and 120S three different game time. Players can arbitrarily select the desired scene, by protecting a specific role or goal, and ultimately win.
5. To achieve the standard points can be promoted to the next level, the game generally play one-off three points.
6. The game by the hammer, LED interface and the game hit the surface of three parts. Players with the tokens of the game can be officially put into the game, LED interface will always have tips to help the player to the game, and players only need to hammer the corresponding place according to the hint can be challenging, Strong.


Product name
Happy toy game machine hitting game machine
1 set
12 months warranty and life time technology support
Place of origin
Guangzhou, China
2 players
How to play

1. Coin, use the hammer percussion screen immediately into the game.

2. Select the game mode: single and Battle. Can be multiplayer, use the hammer to hit the selection mode, to determine the next screen.

3. Select the scene: a total of eight game levels, the use of hammer hit the selected level, to determine the next screen.

4. The screen will remind the player to hit the target, according to the prompts percussion.

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