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Toy Claw Crane Machine Cut Ur Prize

Toy Claw Crane Machine Cut Ur Prize

Lollipops-claw-arcade-crane-catch-game Description of the toy claw crane game machine Accessories about the Toy Claw game machine 1) Smart Coin Acceptor or ICT Bill Acceptor: Accurate identification of coins and cash 2) Beautiful Joystick and press button: Sturdy and durable 3) Good Quality...

Toy Claw Crane Machine Cut ur Prize 


1. Self-developed prize machine with steady performance;

2. Durable machine with thickened aluminum case, wooden boards and tempered glass;

3. The most cost-effective top-selling prize machine



1.Self-developed game machine with steady performance;

2.Scissors can cut off ropes for more than 100,000 times;

3.Perfect combination of beauty and security: compact appearance with highly transparent tempered glass;

4.Best-selling prize machines/vending machines in domestic and overseas markets.

 How to play:

1. Insert coins to start the game.

2. Press the button to control the barber lite position, then cut the string,the prize will drop off.


Cenozoic motherboard + LCM LCD screen of the combination of technology

Doll machine motherboard for the new generation LCM motherboard, motherboard with LCM LCD screen, the new generation of motherboards and the traditional motherboard [with a small 8 digital tube] compared to the advantages are as follows:

1. The new generation of motherboard with a LCD screen, can switch the interface in English, the display is more intuitive and easy to understand. Small 8 digital tube can only display simple numbers and symbols.

2. The new generation of motherboard to modify the machine parameters easier, humane, a key to operate. Traditional motherboards need to pull a series of combinations of switches set to operate trouble difficult to understand.

3. The new generation of motherboards than the traditional motherboard motherboard features more powerful, more stable performance.


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Product Specification


Product name

Toy Claw Crane Machine Cut ur Prize


1 set








12 months Warranty and life time technology support



Place of origin

Guangzhou, China


1 player

Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details air bubble pack +well paper +wooden case Delivery Time 3-10 working days
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