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China Import And Export Fair Pazhou Complex,Guangzhou,China
Sep 11, 2018

China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex,Guangzhou,China

Tomorrow, September 12, 2018. The 10th Guangzhou Import and Export Commodity Fair officially began. At that time, we will promote our brand game consoles at the exhibition. Let more people know about our brand and remember our game consoles.

  • The console we participated in this time has a 9D virtual reality simulator. It has a unique appearance and is the patented appearance of our EPARK company. You can't find the same 9D virtual reality simulator in other companies. And our videos and games are updated. The picture is realistic and will give you a different visual experience.

  • There is also a candy monkey coin-operated amusement game machine. It is a new game machine of our company, and the gameplay is very fresh. Very suitable for adults and children to play together. Helps promote the relationship between parents and children. This is a new game machine with a new gameplay created by the World Cup.

  • There are small bee series game consoles. It is a series of game consoles, the same model, different gameplay, different game content. There are gun battle series, racing series, fishing series, pat series and so on. Let you choose, let you play.

Below is our September 12 exhibition information. Welcome to your arrival.


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