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Good Profit Slot Marine Park Fishing Arcade Game Machine
Mar 11, 2018

Good Profit slot Marine Park Fishing Arcade game machine 

Marine Park Features:

1. 55-inch high-definition display, 3D quality realistic, cool special effects, visual sense upgrade!
2. Upgrade thump, sensitive, high precision.
3. High-quality coin acceptor, lottery machine, quality assurance.
4. Strengthen the button, colorful marquee decoration, brilliant and luxurious.
5. Hardware material chassis, durable, moisture does not rust.
6. luxurious plastic decoration, equipped with colorful Marquee, the appearance of the camera stunning, cool!
7. Easy to operate and handle, coin operated, low managing cost;
8. It's suitable for rental shop, supermarket, amusement park and other business purpose.Good sale performance in the world market.

How to play:

1. 1-6 player to play, play with friends, more fun.

2. Insert coin to start game.

3. Press the red button, select the fractional multiple, swing the fishing rod thrown out of the hook.

4. Fish hook by the green button can be corona fish, while quickly rocking lever, the fish pulled to the fishnet, the fish the greater the points, according to points, exit the corresponding lottery or gashapon.