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Coin Pusher Simulator Children Shooting Game

Attractive 42 inch Ultra Fire Power Shooting Arcade Game Features: 1. 2 guns for 2 players cooperate to shoot the enemies; 2. When you fire,the guns will feel like the real gun,and will shock with your actions; 3. High definition monitor gives you the excited Visual Experience; 4. Stereo sound...

Coin Pusher Simulator Children Shooting Game 


1. Jungle Marine Corps is based on the jungle adventure adult shooting game designed for children to play a shooting game.
2. Jungle Marines is a very exciting shooting game. The story of a pair of lovers to the forest in distress, surrounded by giant insects, giant spiders and other terrible creatures. The appearance of the game also caused a jeep like to meet the theme of forest distress.


Product name

Coin Pusher Simulator Children Shooting Game 


1 set








12 months warranty and life time technology support


2200*1260*1080 CM

Place of origin

Guangzhou, China


2 players

How to play

1. Players use a burst of machine guns, and not on the bullets, but in the course of the game can not relax, because the number of enemies is very large, not a small master will be injured, and the enemy attack wave after wave Waves, very little time to breathe a sigh of relief.
2. The lower left and lower for the value of the player's life, zero to continue the game in order to continue the game, the game will reduce the value of life in response to the strength of the enemy changes, some small insects will buckle less, and some will subtract half of the whole Life value, so the player should be particularly careful.
3. There is also an emergency operation, respectively, according to the screen prompts machine guns, see the timing press the start button, even the start key. Failure will reduce the value of life.
4. In the double game when love, the story of the two main characters is a couple, so the game will calculate the cooperation of the two, if the hit with the same enemy, there will be Joint Shot, clearance will be displayed Out of everyone's cooperation, while dealing with the failure of the emergency operation will reduce the degree of love, and success will increase the degree of love, customs clearance after a couple is in love with or break up entirely on the players themselves.
5. In addition the evaluation of the game system, S-E level, customs clearance, the higher the value, the higher the value of life.
6. The branch has a branch line, the second off the left line and the right route depends on the player himself.

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